Free Traffic That Actually Works

Free Traffic That Actually Works

There is no shortage of free traffic and advertising services out there. There are traffic exchanges, banner exchanges, link exchanges, safelists, viral marketing membership sites, downline builders, article submitters, search engine optimization wizards, search engine submitters, and a great host of gimmicks, tricks, and tip sites that all say they can start generating massive amounts of traffic to your site very quickly.

Free web traffic does work! And it can work for you!

The unfortunate truth about these methods of free traffic generation is that while many are totally awesome, most are total garbage. You can spend hours surfing, you can send out thousands of emails, you can submit you site to TWO MILLION search engines, you can sign up for every gimmick that comes along, but you still won't see any results.

In order to succeed with free traffic generation, you’ll need to know exactly which services are worth your time BEFORE you sign up for them. The fun part is that it’s hard to know who you can trust on the web. Seriously, do you trust some so-called “guru” to know what’s best for you? Do you think they care about your success? Heck no! They just want your money!

Research is vital to your success. The reality of the matter is that NOTHING IS EVER FREE! If something doesn’t take your money, you can be certain that it will take your time. Be very cautious about who you’re investing your hard earned time in. It is precious. Anyone who is dating, married, has children, or even a hobby knows this all too well. If something is going to be taking you away from those you love, it had better be worth it, am I right?

Now, some free traffic generation sites can be totally worth your time and effort. I have been on the net since I was able to hold a mouse. I’ve been a website owner since I was THIRTEEN! I’m not a greedy person, so I’m not out there to make money. However, I can manage to generate a steadily increasing stream of visitors to my sites every month. In fact, the traffic for any one of my sites nearly doubles every month. All of this is without the help of any guru or goofy overpriced ebook. I’m just some kid who happens to have a lot of experience with free traffic.

So how does one know whether or not a specific free traffic service is worth their time? I’ll lay out a quick list of general guidelines that I follow whenever choosing a new service to invest my time in:

1. Does the site look professional? If the design is ugly or full of formatting errors then you can automatically assume that the author of this site doesn’t care enough about their visitors to even design a decent website. Pass them up, they will almost always be useless. If it’s minor it can be forgiven, it could be a temporary problem.

2. How is their grammar? English is not the first language for many people so don’t be too harsh. However, if the site’s ad copy is riddled with grammatical errors and misspellings, you can assume that the author is either a moron or doesn’t care enough about their visitors to have someone proofread their ads. (I’ve got ADD and Dyslexia, I ALWAYS check and double check EVERYTHING, I’ll often have my wife, or a friend, read over my ads and articles just in case. If I don’t use dyslexia as an excuse for bad spelling grammar NO ONE CAN!)

3. Does the site have a way to contact them? Email forms? Email address? Mailing address? Phone number? If they’ve got a way to contact them, then drop them a line. Ask them a question that isn’t covered by their FAQ (assuming they have one). If they don’t respond to your email, then pass them up. If their tech support is no good, then no matter how good the concept, site, or offer is, the site will eventually fall apart and no one will care. If there is no way to contact them you need to be asking yourself “What are they hiding from?” You’ll certainly want to pass them up if they don’t have a way to contact them.

4. Does their system make sense? If it is confusing and complicated, then it’s probably not going to be very easy for it to work for you. Find something that won’t have you wasting your time. Also, be wary of sites whose system just doesn’t add up. For instance, a traffic exchange that has a 1:1 exchange ratio and offers bonus credits really often for free members… might just be a scam. This is because the way that such a system works, these numbers just could not support a decent exchange (Because your earned credits couldn’t be used up fast enough). That’s why it’s also important to research the specific method of traffic generation you’re interested in as well. Always remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

5. Use to check them out. If their information looks fishy, then you might want to be a little cautious. Sometimes their information is private, don’t be alarmed by that. It’s just them trying to protect their identity.

6. Find out what everyone else is saying about them. Take a look at community sites such as for general free traffic sites. You might also want to check out more specific sites such as for safelists, or for traffic exchanges. It also doesn’t hurt to do a search for “service name scam” or “service name review”. Find out if anyone has anything positive or negative to say about them.

7. Check out a sites ratings. If they are drawing in a ton of traffic, then they will have that much more potential to drive traffic to you. That being said, don’t be afraid of a site with a lower Alexa rating. Often, this simply means that they haven’t been around long enough to build up their traffic. This doesn’t mean that they won’t. In fact, it could be very beneficial to get in on a site that is just starting out and on its way up.

If you can manage to find a site that looks decent, has decent grammar, has an easy way to contact them, has great customer support, doesn’t seem like a scam, and at least doesn’t have that many negative reviews, then you might have yourself a winner. From there you’ll want to just dive right in. Check out the service by trying it on your own. You don’t want to waste all your time researching a company only to find out that you could have been generating traffic that whole time!

Test ALL the features. Dig right into the guts of their system. If you find something that is broken or that doesn’t work quite right, contact their tech support and let them know. Not only will this improve the service, but you’ll be able to test the responsiveness of their tech support. I am a firm believer that if the service stinks, the site stinks. You want to be sure that the site will continue to get better over time and when it breaks it gets fixed. If the tech support is lousy the site will only work well while someone cares enough to keep it running, but ultimately, it will stagnate and fall into disuse.

I also can’t stress the importance community enough. Not only will a community be able to give you advice, suggestions, and tips but they’ll also be building you traffic. Heck is ranked #6 right now on which is proof that community is a powerful free traffic source. I would suggest that you get involved in communities such as and as each are excellent ways to not only get involved but also to stay up to date on the free traffic and advertising world in general.

In the case of you have the opportunity to vote on various traffic services, read/write unbiased testimonials, and even write your own reviews. They’re relatively new but they’re growing exponentially. They’ve also got an interesting feature which allows their registered members to utilize the entire site as a downline building tool. Of course, their downlines only builds up in the top rated services, so it really puts a unique spin on the whole concept. On top of that, its chuck full of useful tips and tricks. Also, since the ratings and reviews are made by ordinary people just like you and I, they are completely unbiased, honest, and if a service is ranked highly, you know it is up there because it works for ordinary people like us, not just the gurus.

If there’s one thing I want you to take away from this article it is this: Research is vital to your success no matter what you’re looking into. This concept could easily be applied to any other area of online business. If you don’t do your research, you could easily get burned. At the same time, you don’t just want to be smart, you want to get into good programs quickly. Don’t waste all your time wondering what sites are worth your time. If something looks good, give it a spin.

Also, the internet community is just that, a community. If you want people to know you exist, then get out there and let them know that you exist! Make your presence known. Get involved, contribute, collaborate, and above all else, have fun. There’s no point to all of this if you can’t have fun while you’re doing it.

by Nathaniel Summers

Affiliate Marketing: What's All The Hype About Scams?

Affiliate Marketing: What's All The Hype About Scams?

You see so much hype on the Internet, you just have to wonder don't you? Is this stuff for real?

If you want to know what the real deal is, stay tuned and read on. If you are so desperate that you want to believe all the fairy tales you see on the internet, then this article is likely to burst your bubble. It is truly a buyer beware world out there. There are so many emotional traps sprinkled throughout that you feel compelled to make snap decisions. You're guided along by well orchestrated ad copy, down a path designed to make you feel you'll "miss out" if you don't "act now." That is seldom the case.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear. Clarity is what is needed most in this recent internet explosion anyway. The vast majority of the offers you see on the internet you should just stay away from. If you have any doubt about that, just go to any of the thousands of free (and obscure) classified ad sites. Give me a break! Do you seriously think that anyone in their right mind is going to go to one of these sites and wade through the thousands of ads looking for their future million dollar business? In short the answer is no. However, there seems to be no shortage of people who have been advised that is the way to their internet million. Why is that?

Good question, "Why is that?" The short answer is because a keen marketer can make that plan sound very convincing to someone who is not familiar with internet marketing, and will make many sales of his affiliate program or his submission software. The reason? Because it has a good story to tell and sells well to the uninitiated. The poor folks who buy into that are soon frustrated and go looking for the next "good story" leaving a trail of money in their wake.

The internet is probably where the next major source of millionaires will come from.

However, those millions will not be coming in the fashion that the "great word painters" make it out to be. To make it in the internet marketing business you really need to understand that there are no silver bullets that will make you rich by next week. There is one thing though that will work. It may take longer than you were hyped into believing, but there is one thing that tagged with some knowledge will create wealth. That thing is work. I know it's not painted that way in all the ads, but the mere presence of so many people saying otherwise does not change the facts.

Here's a few things to keep in mind while looking for an internet business to get into.

* If you hear someone say, "No Selling," prepare to get fleeced.

* If you hear someone say "Our program is fully automated," get ready for the poor house.

* If you hear someone say "Get top Google listing in hours," make sure they aren't also talking about gold-plated toilet tissue. (I might get top ranking for that keyphrase right now by having those words in this article.)

* If you hear someone say "Once you set this up, you'll watch the money roll in automatically while you're at the beach," get ready to get tanned or more likely burned!

* If you hear someone say "Buy this software and watch your search engine rankings go to page one. Ask yourself if you are willing to steak you future on the whims of Google - whatever they're criteria for listing happens to be that day?

I could go on and on but I hope I've made my point. Just in case you haven't gotten the gist of it so far, I'll reiterate it for you. If your goal is to make a killing online, it can work for you. You need to realize that there are certain things that are required to get to that point.

Here are the basic things required:

1. Work. You are going to have to work. You are going to have to be actively involved in the progress of your business.

2. Learn. You are going to have to put in the time to learn internet marketing techniques." Even if you are experienced in "marketing", internet marketing is a whole new thing.

3. Talk. Just because the business is initiated over the internet does not mean that internet marketing is a machine business and you never have to talk to anyone. Like ANY business, business on the internet is a relationship business.

4. Think. You'd be surprised how many people have had other people make business decisions for them and don't realize that fact. You have to read, study, plan and think.

5. Work. I may have mentioned this already above, but this is one that many people fall for the great lie about it. Nothing happens until you get to work.

I wish you the best of luck in choosing a means of replacing your job with an online home business. Hopefully after reading this article you will at least be able to look at other opportunities and keep yourself from getting taken on a scam.

by Dan Hatcher

10 Proven Ways To Accelerate Your Profits

10 Proven Ways To Accelerate Your Profits

1. Make copies of your web site in many different languages. This'll allow foreign speaking people to read your web site and advertisements.

2. Give your customers a surprise bonus for buying. When you give customers more than they expect, there is a good chance they will buy from you again.

3. Send greeting cards offline or online to customers on holidays. You'll get the chance to increase your orders by including your ad inside the card.

4. Market your products or services to your target audience. For example, don't try to sell a football in a cooking magazine.

5. Give people the option of buying other products or add on products when they decide to buy your main product or service at the point of sale.

6. Think of new ways to attract people to buy your products or services. You could add on extra free bonuses, delivery options, payments options, etc.

7. Give other businesses the option of selling your product. It could be a simple joint venture deal or an affiliate/associate program.

8. Follow-up regularly with all your prospects and current customers. When people see your ad more than once they are more likely to buy.

9. Learn sales ideas from reading and studying other business' advertising and marketing material. It could be ads, brochures, tv ads, sales letters, etc.

10. Educate yourself with new strategies to increase your sales. You could take classes, subscribe to e-zines and magazines, read books or ebooks, etc.

BY Stone Evans

"10 Phenomenal Ways To Plug In Extra Profits"

"10 Phenomenal Ways To Plug In Extra Profits"

1. Attend trade shows and seminars that are related to your specific industry. Pass out business cards or brochures about your business.

2. Swap articles with other e-zines publishers. You could get your articles published more often if in exchange you publish their articles.

3. Ask people to link to your site's content. Some people may not want to link to your home page but might want to link to your content.

4. Convert your web site into an ebook. You could offer your ebook as a free bonus for your product or another business' product.

5. Create ebooks for other web sites or businesses. You could create them for no charge in exchange for an ad or mention of your web site inside.

6. Team-up with eight to ten other sites to promote the same web site. Just include everyone's products on the web site you are all promoting.

7. Give free e-mail consultations to your customers. When you e-mail them back your advice include a small ad for a back end product your selling.

8. Encourage your customers or visitors to e-mail you questions about your product or web site. Just include your sig file with your reply.

9. Give out free web space on your server. Many of your visitors may want to publish their own web site. Just require that they publish your banner ad.

10. Design web sites for other businesses for free. Just require them to publish your banner or text ad somewhere on their home page.

Stone Evans

10 Ways To Get Your Ads Or Messages Noticed

10 Ways To Get Your Ads Or Messages Noticed

Do you post to message boards, e-mail discussion lists, classified ads sites, FFA sites or newsgroups? People will usually read the subject line before they read your ad or message, so it's important they get noticed. Below are ten simple, but powerful tips to get your ads or messages noticed.

1.Use extra white space creatively in your subject line. You can add extra blank spaces between your words or letters.

2.Combine capital letters with lower case letters. Use all capital letters in every other word or use a capital letter between every other lower case letter.

3.Add text symbols in your subject line. You could use them between words and letters. Start and end your subject with a text symbol. ( *, $, >,{,] )

4.Begin your subject line with the word "STOP!". People have been trained their whole life to stop what they are doing when they see that word.

5.Ask people a question in your subject line. We all went to school and were repetitively branded to answer questions.

6.Use the word "FREE" in your subject line. Your offer should be attractive to your target audience. It could be free information, software, trials, etc.

7.Begin your subject line with an "online smile :)". People use smiles offline to gain people's attention and to win their trust, why not use them online too.

8.Don't use unbelievable claims in your subject line. People have or know some who has been ripped off and trained themselves to ignore those claims.

9.Don't use all capital letters in your subject line. It is hard to read, looks unprofessional, and on the internet it's considered a symbol for shouting.

10.Test different subject lines to see which ones draws the most traffic to your web site. Also, read the FAQ before posting a message or ad anywhere.

10 Killer Ways To Make People Click

10 Killer Ways To Make People Click

1. Use reverse psychology on your banner ads. You could tell people not to click on your banner ad. For example "Don't Click Here If You Are Comfortable With Your Looks”

2. Make your banner ad words as attractive as possible. Use words like ultimate, powerful, sizzling, hot, etc. Your words should relate and highlight your total offer.

3. Offer a discount offer on your banner ad. People are always looking for good deals. You could offer a percentage discount, dollar discount, buy one get one free discount, etc

4. Use a testimonial on your banner ad. This'll give people proof they aren't wasting their time clicking on your banner ad. The testimonial should include enough information so they understand the offer.

5. You could have a famous and respectable person on your banner ad representing your product, web site or service. People will click because they'll trust them over you.

6. Use a strong guarantee on your banner ad. You could include the guarantee as a headline for your offer. It could read double or triple your money back guarantee, lifetime your money back guarantee, etc.

7. Tell people to click on your banner ad. Newbies to the internet may net even know they can click on banners. Just having the phrase "click here" on your banner will increase your clickthroughs.

8. You could advertise a trial or sample offer. This will tell people there is no risk or obligation if they click on your banner ad and try out your product or service.

9. Tell people the major benefit of your product, web site or service on your banner ad. It could be benefits like make money, lose weight, increase energy, save money, save time, etc.

10. You could advertise a free offer on your banner ad. People love free stuff. The freebie should relate to your target audience. If the freebie is attractive to them they will click.

Making Money From Home

Making Money From Home Just Got Easier!

Presenting...The IAHBE!

What Is It? IAHBE stands for the International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs. It is an organization that champions the home-business lifestyle and provides its members with a multitude of resources designed to achieve maximum home-business success.

As an IAHBE member, you'll have exclusive access to an unparalleled, one-of-a-kind business-building arsenal of your own...complete with a constant flow of the fresh, pertinent information and advice you need to succeed--all collected, culled, researched, and reviewed for you in one easy-to-access package!

Here's just a sample of the money-saving specials, home-business tools, and other power-packed resources you'll have at your fingertips as an Association member:

* Timely reports from world-recognized experts in the marketing and home-business arena.
* Audio seminars from top home-business entrepreneurs.
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* Monthly Computer Q&As and Marketing Tidbits
* Free monthly Windows and Macintosh software for your home business.
* Exclusive monthly home-business book and tool reviews.
* Marketing aids for generating sales and profits.
* Monthly freebies and money-saving special offers from marketing experts.
* Subscriptions to top business magazines, such as Fast Company, Inc., Entrepreneur, etc.
* Free best-selling books that cover the home-business landscape from A to Z.
* Access to the IAHBE Web Resources directory for home-business owners.
* Motivational Thought of the Day.
* AND MORE!!!'ll also receive instant access to the IAHBE archives, containing hours of home-business audio seminars from the experts, dozens of exclusive reports, exclusive interviews with the market's most successful entrepreneurs, and much more!

As an IAHBE member, you'll be part of a select group of home-business owners whose search for trusted, helpful, and timely business-building tools and advice is over. No more wasted time trying to make sense of the overwhelming number of so-called "helpful" offers, deals, and information. You'll get the latest information, advice, special offers, and tools you need right now, accessible online, anytime, day or night.

"In all, as an IAHBE member, you'll receive HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS worth of powerful business-building resources, updated every week!"

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